Notice of Public Hearing For Proposed Zoning Ordinance


                  CITY OF STANTON PLANNING COMMISSION                       

The Stanton Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the adoption of an updated and re-formatted Zoning Ordinance and Map for the City of Stanton and a new Subdivision Control Ordinance. The proposed Zoning Ordinance provides new definitions, creates several new zoning districts and deletes several existing districts, updates the list of permitted and special land uses for each zoning district, provides new requirements and regulations for the zoning board of appeals, landscaping, off street parking, site condominiums, site plan review, signs, and non-conforming uses, structures and lots.

New regulations are proposed for fences, keeping of animals, wireless communication towers and antennas, wind energy systems, essential public services, parking of commercial and recreational vehicles, outdoor furnaces, private streets, and other regulations for structures and uses.

In addition, a revised Zoning Map is being proposed to reflect the deleted zones and to rezone those same areas to the districts proposed by the Zoning Ordinance text to match existing land uses.

The proposed Subdivision Control Ordinance sets forth the procedures and requirements for the platting of subdivisions in accordance with State of Michigan Public Act 288 of 1967, as amended, the Subdivision Control Act of 1967.

The Zoning Ordinance has also been re-formatted to make the Ordinance easier to read and utilize in both electronic and printed form.

The proposed Zoning Ordinance and Map and Subdivision Ordinance are available for review at the City of Stanton Offices, 225 South Camburn, Stanton, Michigan 48888, during regular office hours Monday through Friday. The proposed Ordinances and Map are also available for viewing on the City web site at: https://stantononline.com/government/ordinances/zoning/or by calling the City offices at 989-831-4440.

There will be an opportunity for public comment on the proposed Ordinances and Map at the public hearing.

Lori Braman

Clerk, City of Stanton


Public Notice for 10-17-18 Planning Commission on Updated ZO (1)