Stanton Community Fire Department
P.O. Box 685
221 S. Camburn St.
Stanton, MI 48888

Ph: 989.831.9335

The Stanton Community Fire Department is a district fire department that serves the townships of Douglass, Evergreen, Sidney, and the City of Stanton. The Fire Department is governed by a district fire board, which is comprised of members from each township and community.

The Stanton Community Fire Department has eighteen (18) paid on call firefighters that respond to the firehouse when there is an incident needing our services.  While we are available twenty four (24) hours a day and there might be someone at the firehouse, the fire station is not staffed like a larger metropolitan fire department may be.  Our firefighters have full-time jobs and leave their primary employment and families to respond to a fire call.  Our average response time to the firehouse is less than five (5) minutes and ten (10) minutes to most anywhere in our response area.

Anyone interested in joining the force may fill out the SCFD Application for Employment and drop it off at the Fire Department or City Hall.

For information regarding costs associated with hydrant use and emergency calls, please refer to the City of Stanton’s Fee Schedule.

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Brian M. Brasington

Assistant Chief

Dawayne Peterman