The Stanton Police Department is located in City Hall at 225 S. Camburn St. There will be times when you call, and an officer will not be on duty, or the officer may be on patrol. If it is an emergency or you need an officer, call 911. Please do not hesitate to call!

In addition to fielding criminal complaints, the Stanton Police Department also serves as code enforcement officers for City Zoning and Ordinances. They ensure compliance with blight, noise, animal, and other such issues. Feel free to contract your Police Department about these types of issues.

At times, the eyes and ears of our citizens can be the defense. Many citizens have lived in the City of Stanton for many years and know with the sights and sounds that are a normal part of your neighborhoods. If you see vehicles or individuals that seem out of place for that time of day or night, do not confront them. Try to get as much information as you can: Color, make, model of vehicle, license number and any identifying damage, location and time of observation, gender, approximate height and weight, hair color and length, type and color of clothing. Write the information down and pass it along to the local Police at 989-831-5043 or call 911 for emergencies.

Police Chief
Matt Pumford
Fulltime Officers
Roberto Vidal
Adam Richmond
Fulltime SRO 
Corland McDiarmid
Reserve Officers
Blake Vowell 
Jarred Stratton 
Christopher Bellows 
Michael Winnie


Contact Information
Stanton Police: 989.831.5043
On Duty Officer:989.613.0366
Chief of Police: 616.788.7007
Dispatch Center: 989.831.3500
Emergency: 911