Hydrant Flushing

The City of Stanton Public Works Department performed their annual flushing program overnight. The process of flushing the water system often results in cloudy or discolored water. We do what we can to limit this, but it is difficult to avoid completely. The flushing process and discolored water does not diminish the safety of the water supply. While the flushing crew is working in your area, please be observant of the water quality while doing laundry or other tasks that require rust-free water. Discolored or rusty water may be present in the area being flushed as well as adjacent areas.

If you should encounter discolored water, we recommend that you run your cold water taps within your home or business. Flushing fire hydrants and water mains provide several benefits to the water users of our system. Regular flushing allows for the highest quality of water to be delivered to our customers. Flushing also allows the staff of the Water Department to verify operation of the fire hydrants and identify areas of the distribution system that require repair and/or maintenance. This also ensures that the fire hydrants are ready should the Fire Department need them.

Thank you for your cooperation.