Crime Prevention- Stolen Vehicles & Belongings

Being cautious and aware can help lessen your chance of becoming victim to a crime. With what appears to be a recent increase in suspicious activity, car break-ins, and stolen vehicles, we would like to remind the community of some tips to help keep their belongings safe:

  1. NEVER leave your vehicle unlocked or the keys inside. ALWAYS lock the doors and keep the keys in a safe place. Leaving a vehicle unlocked with the keys in it makes it an easy target.
  2. NEVER leave valuables inside your vehicle. ALWAYS move them inside or somewhere safe and out of sight. Leaving valuables (cash, wallets, purses, laptops, phones, tools, etc.,) in the vehicle increases the chance of theft.
  3. Keep your eyes and ears open for vehicles or individuals that seem out of place for that time of day or night, do not confront them. Try and gather as much information as you can, such as a description of the vehicle and/or individual. Please contact law enforcement (989) 831-5043 to report any suspicious activity or dial 911 for an emergency.

Law Enforcement is working hard to catch these folks. However, we are asking you as citizens to be proactive and help protect yourself from these crimes.