Development Guide

Thank you for your interest in development within the City of Stanton. Commonly requested resources pertaining to planning, zoning, and building are organized below. Most links are set to open in a new tab so you can view multiple items at once and easily come back to this page.

Table of Contents

Zoning Ordinance & Map

Planning & Zoning Forms & Applications

Community Development
Special Land Use
Site Plan Reviews
Variance Requests

Zoning Administrator

For all City planning, zoning, and development requests, contact City Manager and Zoning Administrator Rachael Coffey by email to or phone at (989) 831-4440.

City Assessor

City assessment services, forms, and general information can be obtained through the CSZ Services Website.

County Building Department

While all development within the City of Stanton must be in compliance with City ordinances and zoning regulations, building permits and inspections are obtained through the Montcalm County Building Department. Their website contains directions and applications for making these and other requests, along with building code requirements and informationational construction resources.

Master Plan

This Master Plan is prepared under the authority of PA 33 of 2008, the Michigan Planning Enabling Act. It is intended to serve as the policy basis for the city Zoning Ordinance and to guide decisions by the City Commission on land use, infrastructure and economic development issues in conjunction with other planning documents such as the Downtown Development Plan and the Parks and Recreation Plan.

This document also contains several maps and visuals that may assist with development decisions based on topography, wetland areas, soil conditions, planned future land use, and demographics.

Marihuana Industry

Please refer to our dedicated Marihuana Industry page for detailed information including City regulations and procedures.


Our complete annual fee schedule is located on our main Forms & Fees page. Payment via cash or check is accepted and can be remitted in person at City Hall during business hours, Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Checks can be mailed with applications to PO BOX 449 Stanton, MI 48888.

Additionally, credit card payments for fees are now accepted and can be submitted by clicking on the link below to be taken to our online payment portal in a new browser tab.