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City Restores Parks and Recreation

STANTON- The City of Stanton has undertaken bold moves in recent months to redevelop and restore the viability of the parks and recreation system within the City. Most recently, the basketball courts, tennis courts, and baseball fields have been rehabilitated at Brake Park located on S Lincoln St.

New surfacing and striping have been installed at the City basketball courts. The surface, which was not playable before is now usable. Total cost for this project was $3,700

The tennis courts were repaired, resurfaced and striped. The courts were also in unusable condition before the restoration project began. Total costs for the tennis court project is $12,400.

The baseball fields, which had a drainage issue making them almost unusable due to the swamp-like nature of the outfields, have been fixed. New drain tiles were run throughout the fields to reroute water to the drainage ditch. Later this month new chain link backstops will be added and new fencing around the fields installed. Total costs for this project when complete will be $14,000.

“We believe that Stanton is one of the greatest places to live, work, and raise a strong family because of our safe streets, gorgeous downtown, our great schools, and now our vibrant parks and recreation opportunities.” Said Stanton City Manager James Freed. “People should also know that no new taxes will be levied to pay for these improvements, and no loans were needed. We saved up and paid in cash for these improvements”, added Freed.

Total costs for the 2011 park and recreation restoration projects are about  $30,100