OUR COMMUNITY, OUR WATER: How much are our Assets worth?

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OUR COMMUNITY, OUR WATER: How much are our Assets worth?

Stanton, Michigan, OCT. 23, 2019 – In 2016, our community received grant money from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (now EGLE) to build an asset management program for our wastewater and stormwater systems. Using that grant we have collected information on our sanitary system and storm system to predict when we need to repair and replace those systems.

Every asset has a life span and value that depreciates each year. Did you know that:

  • A sanitary sewer or storm sewer each have a value of $790,000 per mile
  • Based on a lifecycle of 80 years, that equals $9,875 per year per mile
  • We have 11 miles of sanitary sewer and 3 miles of storm sewer

Our system has an annual value of around $140,000. We need to invest this much each year to keep our system healthy.

Asset management ensures future affordability of these vital systems, and greatly reduces the amount of emergency pipe failures and expenses over time. Not investing each year does not save us money. It’s similar to not making a car payment; not paying doesn’t make the payment go away, it just increases the next payment.