Street Tree Planting Program

Street Tree Planting Program

The Stanton Public Works department supports the continued vitality of our urban forest, environmental sustainability and community goals. The department is looking for qualified locations to plant street trees to strategically enhance its canopy. 


  • Submit the attached form to request a tree for the right of way adjacent to your property. Street Tree Application
  • Agree to adequately water and care for the tree.
  • Planning to be long-term residents.
  • Public street right-of-way must be a minimum of 4 feet wide.
  • Selected trees will be 1.5 to 3 inches caliper size and 6’ to 12’ tall depending on species. (Caliper size is a measurement of the tree trunk at 6 inches above the soil line.)

Public Works staff will evaluate all proposed locations. If qualified, then the resident will be notified directly, staff will locate utilities and city staff will perform planting.

Staff will consider street rights-of-way widths, irrigation, soil type, proximity to other trees and overhead utilities will determine the type, size, number and spacing trees by staff. Staff will select the tree species and planting location that ensures proper tree growth, safety, and maintenance.